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Fully encrypted calls and messages, storage of conversations only on the device, and the certainty that the developers don’t have access to the users’ data and who they’re in touch with. The new mobile app created by experienced Polish programmers has many advantages. What makes it the most secure messenger in the world?

100% security in communication isn’t a fantasy

Why can’t other apps compete with TokLok? For example, it has a range of unique solutions and functionalities, such as communication occurring directly between devices without any proxy servers. “Thanks to this, the app is immune to one of the most common attacks – the so-called “man in the middle” attack – which involves eavesdropping on and modifying messages sent between two parties without their knowledge,” – said Paulina Woźniak-Kołodziej, CEO of Reiba – the developer of TokLok. There are many more benefits.

How does TokLok work?

The way the messenger works is simple and based on the safest verification system. By installing the app on their smartphone, the user creates a so-called workspace, with the option of adding any number of contacts. They enter the numbers of those they want to invite to their workspace. Such a user receives an invitation to the workspace via SMS, and can join the conversation after entering the code they were sent (of course, if they have the app installed themselves). Thanks to this, TokLok users can always be certain that they’re talking with the exact person they want to be talking with.

“The level of security is extremely high. It’s worth noting that the content of the conversation is also not available to the developers of the messenger. After a message is sent from one user to another, it only exists on the devices of those users – the history of the conversation isn’t recorded in the cloud or on our servers,” added Paulina Woźniak-Kołodziej.

No more uninvited guests during important conversations

For business clients, the fact that only authorised individuals who are added to the app by the administrator can use the given workspace is a very important feature. No one can independently join a conversation with another user. What’s more, the administrator can also remove a given person from a conversation. In such a situation, the removed person loses their access to all the content in that conversation indefinitely. This functionality is particularly useful in the context of, for example, staff changes in companies and institutions that value information confidentiality. With such security measures, operation of the app is intuitive and simple.

All of a user’s data fully under their control

As the developers point out, free messengers make money on the sale of some information about their users and on advertising or hidden micropayments. This means that it’s not only the convenience of communication that’s affected, but also its security. Information on TokLok’s users isn’t shared not only with the business world, but also with outside organisations and government services. The reason is simple – the company doesn’t store the data of its users. Users have the data only on their device. If they delete the data, everyone loses the data forever.

Communication without witnesses

The goal of TokLok’s developers was to create a messenger that enables secure information flow within companies and public institutions. It’s also an ideal solution for public figures who want full discretion and for families that value their privacy. The app is free, but the cost for a 100% feeling of security is small – just PLN 10 per month of use.