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The privacy of correspondence is the most important matter for users when choosing an instant messenger. The developers of all available apps claim that their solutions are secure. However, many stories of data leaks and intercepted conversations show that these are just empty words. However, the situation can change. Thanks to the work of a team of the best Polish developers, a completely secure mobile messenger – TokLok – will soon appear on the market.

Increasing scale of the problem

Recent weeks have been full of high-profile events related to the security of online communication. There was the huge failure of popular mobile apps, a leak of the personal data of members of the Polish parliament, and the scandal involving the publication of more fragments of correspondence between people in the highest positions in the country. These stories are related to different countries and different messengers, but they do have one thing in common – inadequate safeguards. Can these types of situations be avoided? Is completely secure online communication possible?

100% security in communication isn’t a fantasy

The mobile messenger sector is striving towards creating a new, completely secure app. A team of Polish cryptography experts is very close to achieving this goal. A new messenger that’s the most secure among existing ones is meant to soon hit the market. It prevents, among other things, the interception of correspondence, acquiring users’ personal data, and the app’s developers transferring information about their customers to other entities.

“Work on an app that provides users with a 100% guarantee of correspondence security wasn’t easy. However, I can proudly say that the results are more than satisfactory. To illustrate the level of safeguards, I’ll just say that it would take the fastest megacomputer in the world 106 years to break our encryption,” – said Paulina Woźniak-Kołodziej, CEO of Reiba – the developer of the TokLok messenger.

User data for sale

It turns out that no hacking attack is needed for us to lose control over who has access to our personal data. The developers of most mobile apps have access to many data about their users. Such information is very valuable, for example, for marketing companies.

Privacy guarantee

The sale of customers’ data to other entities constitutes a significant part of the profits of the developers of popular messengers. What does TokLok look like in this area?

“The answer is very simple – TokLok doesn’t collect data about its users, so we are simply unable to disclose these data to anyone,” – added Paulina Woźniak-Kołodziej.

The app’s developers don’t want to reveal everything at this stage. However, they assure that a range of innovative solutions used in TokLok makes it definitely the most secure instant messenger in the world. The app will be available for general use already in December 2021.