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18 November 2021

TokLok – a breakthrough in mobile communication!

The privacy of correspondence is the most important matter for users when choosing an instant messenger. The developers of all available apps claim that their solutions are secure. However, many…
18 November 2021

TokLok – the most secure messenger in the world developed by Poles

Fully encrypted calls and messages, storage of conversations only on the device, and the certainty that the developers don't have access to the users' data and who they're in touch…
18 November 2021

Eurostat: Only 65% of Poles use instant messengers; however, the country’s youth is chasing the rest of Europe. Experts remind us about the dangers

Two-thirds of Poles aged 16 to 74 use mobile instant messengers, such as WhatsApp and Messenger, for making calls and sending quick messages – this is what Eurostat data for…