How to start using TokLok in four easy steps?

  • Download and install TokLok
  • Register yourself
  • Log in as workspace administrator
  • Invite the people you want to talk to to the workspace

You can see all the steps step by step in our mini manual!


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For whom?

TokLok is recommended for individuals and institutions that:

Put security first

TokLok is an ideal solution for organisations in which the security and confidentiality of information being exchanged is paramount.

Value the confidentiality of their data

There’s no reason to worry that information about your telephone, location or any activity has been shared for marketing purposes.

Expect full privacy

The app is based not only on encrypted conversations, but also on the fact that no one from outside the user’s space is able to contact them.

Value control over their personal data

Users don’t have to wonder if there’s a price for which the developers of the free software will sell access to their data.


The most secure messaging app in the world.

TokLok guarantees completely secure communication. It’s an ideal solution for private conversations and securing business information.

TokLok App



What are the benefits of communicating via TokLok?


All your messages and connections are encrypted in such a way that only you and the people you’re chatting with have access to them.


Other users of your space see only the name and surname you’ve provided. Nobody has access to other information. We don’t collect or record any data about users’ devices. We only register the fact that you’ve changed devices.


We don’t collect information about you and we don’t have a database that could be sold for marketing purposes.


You decide who’s part of your organisation’s space. Thanks to this, only people you’ve chosen have access to the app and the contact list.

of a private server

You can either use our servers or install the software on your organisation’s private server.


To secure you against data loss, registration requires two-step verification. If you lose your phone, access to the app itself is protected by an additional password.

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    The Controller of your personal data is TokLok. Your personal data will be processed for the purpose of TokLok electronically rendering services (including the Newsletter service) as part of the activities of the "TokLok" Portal, for marketing purposes, as well as for the Controller's statistics and analytics purposes. For more information on personal data processing, please see the "Privacy Policy".